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bad-makeupOne of the most important members of a Bride’s “wedding team” is the person responsible for hair and makeup. A late arrival by this person could throw the entire day’s schedule into a tizzy!

For continuity, have the same makeup professional for the Bride and all of her Bridesmaids. Photographs will look more balanced and symmetrical if everyone is similar in appearance.

Here are some tips from past brides.

Have baby wipes with you or in the bathroom.
Yes, baby wipes. They re a great way to freshen up and getting stains out in a hurry without the ugly rings that look like water stains on furniture.

Want a long-term up-do…keep it dirty. A bride told me she didn’t wash her hair for four days before her wedding so it was slightly greasy. It gave her the right amount of grip for the up-do to last.

Figure out what looks good BEFORE your wedding day. You need to get used to the make-up you are wearing on your wedding day. It is probably going to look different than the other times you wear make-up and you risk freaking out if you do not instantly like the look.

Keep it real. Don’t use your wedding day as a chance to experiment. Leave that to Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. He chose you because of you, not because you have 20 layers of makeup

Hit the spa. Treat yourself to a spa regimen – take a nice and relaxing bath, maybe a massage to help rid you of the stress

Do it right, splurge on a makeup pro. Your investment will pay dividends with your beautiful wedding photos and you will get tips of the trade that a makeup artist will teach you

Emergency Bridal Kit should have all the right touch-up colors. Be sure you have the lipstick, lip gloss and eyeshadow that you are using in case of accidental removal or moisture.

Go for waterproof mascara. You are likely going to cry, wear waterproof mascara if you can. Otherwise, you may have black streaks running down your face.

Brow Grooming  Take the extra time to groom your eyebrows before you risk looking like a 75-year old man who stopped caring 40 years ago

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