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Tipping Your Wedding Professionals

This is one of the most debated topics when it comes to weddings. Should I tip my wedding professionals?

While you and your new spouse are having fun, many people are working hard behind the scenes to make your day go off without a hitch. While they are taken care of by their employers, the major players may be deserving of a little extra if their service is above and

Here is a guideline:

Officiants: 5-10%

Clergy: A donation to their church would be appropriate

Waiters and waitresses: Generally in your catering contract already, otherwise the standard 15% for all wait-staff combined

Bartenders: 5% to 10% of alcohol bill

Limousine Drivers:  15% to 20% which is usually included in the contract but if you feel they have done an outstanding job than a little extra would be nice.

DJ: For great service a 5 to 10% tip

Bands: $20 – 40 per member of the band

Photographer and Videographers:  5% to 10% if you feel they have been outstanding

Florists:  5% to 10% is a token of gratitude but is not required

Bakers:  Up to 5%

Ceremony Staff:  25.00 to $50.00 to the piano player or organist

Wedding Planners / Coordinators:   Tip is generally included in the contract although if you feel they have done an exceptional job, an extra 5% to 10%.

Caterer /Executive chef:  The tip is usually included in the contract you signed although if you feel they have done an outstanding job then an extra 2% is exceptional.

Remember that any tip is a kind gesture and is very appreciated.

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